No sound.

Hi, I’m new to Cubase.

I downloaded it today and it worked fine, the GM map for VSTs would produce sound, albeit through speakers I didn’t want it to play through, so I tried to reassign it to my headset and now I have absolutely 0 sound through anything, even if I reactivate the speakers it initially played through.

I would like it if i could assign the audio to play through the headset but I’ll take anything at this point.

Here’s a gif of how it plays- I can send screenshots and gifs of anything if it would help.

Hi, I’m new to Cubase.

So i have this problem where automated play of a drum track i created makes 0 sound, however the drums make sound if i use this interface (, but it can’t record.

No sound from this:

Any idea how I’d make this work or what I’m doing wrong?