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Hello. This is my first post.

I have no sound on playback.

My speakers are selected in the “stereo output” in the “device setup” dialog box. I’ve checked “allow ASIO host to take exclusive”

The video mentions that when opening HALion sonic that playing the keyboard can be seen visually with lights on the mixer. I don’t see any lights.

Thanks in advance for your help.

I’m not sure how this is relevant. I’m using the default sounds included with Halion.
Btw, I had to uncheck “allow ASIO host…” to hear your video.

@Ulf, the Dorico team expert on sorting out hardware sound issues, is probably asleep in Germany just now. But I’m sure his first request would be for you to post your diagnostics (help>create diagnostic report and upload the zip file).

The rest of us (mere users) might be able to provide some suggestions, but we’d need to know at the very least whether you are on Windows or Mac.

Thanks so much. Here are my files. There’s no hurry, I’m probably signing off for the night soon as well.
Dorico (953.6 KB)

Thanks for the data @a00ashton.
The logs and everything actually looks quite normal. I only saw that all the channel gains are pretty low, so if you open the mixer window (F3) and pull up all faders, you still get no sound?
If so, please check the Windows advanced properties of your speakers. Therefore press the Windows d key and then type ‘sound settings’. In there click the properties button of your speakers and then advanced properties. That brings up a new little dialog. Change to the Advanced tab, what default audio format is set there, especially what is the sample rate?

Hello Ulf. Thanks for your reply. Sorry I wasn’t around yesterday.

Yes, turning the mixers up all the way does not produce sound.

My Default format is set to 16 bit, 48000 Hz (DVD Quality).

Also, something else that might be relevant.
If I open a second project with the audio enabled (the dialog box asks me if I want to enable or disable it), then if I close that second project and go back to the first, Dorico crashes. If I then restart Dorcio, it hangs at “intitalizing Audio engine.” and I have to restart the computer.

Ok, so it looks like this is a bigger problem:

I just scored a one page piece on a piano staff – I successfully printed it. But when I went to save it as a .pdf the program crashed. Then when I went to reload the program it hung at “initializing audio engine”.

Also, the project was never saved. That was a bit of a shocker. I only lost 40 minutes or so, but to be honest I haven’t had something like this happen since the 90s!

I’m very sorry you lost some work. Dorico is set to auto-save every 5 minutes, and you should have been given the chance to recover an auto-save when Dorico next starts up. I’m not sure why that wouldn’t have been the case.

When you restart Dorico and it hangs while it’s apparently waiting for the audio engine to be initialised, normally that means the audio engine has either crashed or is hanging itself. On Windows you can use Process Explorer (a download from Microsoft’s web site) to list all the running processes on your system, find VSTAudioEngine.exe, and quit it, then restart Dorico again.

I appreciate it, but there is no need to apologize. I’m just hoping to make the sound work. I believe if that can be solved the crashing may be solved as well.

There’s an audio troubleshooting video from Dorico:

Actually, these are 2 separate issues. I had a look again at your diagnostics and found two dump files of the audio engine. Because you have the latest HALion Sonic installed, the audio engine is dead waiting for an answer from the MediaBayServer. So it is not crashing, but the effect is similar and explains what you are experiencing. For a temporary workaround please have a look at this thread.
Second issue is: From the log files it appears that you did not install the HALion Symphonic Orchestra sound library. At least it does not get detected by the audio engine at start up. What if you create a new project from piano template, does that sound?

Thank you so much!
I installed the “start and keep running” exe. Let’s see how that does.

When I opened up a new piano score, I indeed heard notes as I inputted them for the first time. That was quite a surprise since I have been using the piano template to start new projects.

So then I went back to one of the several projects that weren’t playing. There was still no sound. In the “Play” menu, I selected “Playback Template…” In the dialog box “HSSE (SE)” was already highlighted. After clicking “Apply and Close” the piano sounded.

I’m glad I have the piano sound. But to be honest, I don’t know if I have the Symphonic Orchestra installed. I installed everything that was available with the Steinberg Activation Manager.

If you run Steinberg Library Manager, do you see HALion Symphonic Orchestra listed there?

No, it is is not listed there.

In that case I would suggest you run Steinberg Download Assistant, find Dorico Pro 4 under My Product Downloads, and then download and install Sound Content for Dorico Pro 4 (recommended).

Ah, well I have Dorico 4 SE. But “Sound Content for Dorico 4 SE (recommended)” shows as being already installed.

AFAIK Dorico SE only has a basic set of Sounds, and does not include Halion Symphony Orchestra.

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