No source?

Hello again,

What’s really frustrating about this problem is that I’ve recorded a guitar directly plugged into the IO2 and though it was somewhat boxy, it worked. And because it worked I saved a preset in the hope that I’d never again be baffled. But I am, because I’m not getting no level into the input channel that I used before.

I’m assuming that that’s because the channel settings for the Input Channel say ‘no source’ - though it might have said that before, for all I know. I didn’t look.

So before I go into the detail of the routing that’s now giving me no level, can I just ask the simple question, What does ‘No source’ mean, and where should I be putting it right?

I attach a pic of that Channel and also of the inspector of the Audio Channel that I’m trying to record on.

Swear to God, if this software was hardware, I’d take a hammer to it out of sheer frustration. I realise that that’s my failure, not Steinberg’s.

I have exactly the same No source display, here, for all my Input channels and this is normal, as they are actually directly receiving the different hardware inputs of the audio device, defined in the Audio connections window. No issue, here…

Are you sure that you have BOTH the Pre-gain and Volume settings adjusted correctly on your Mono in 3 Input channel (the former being only available in the MixConsole or in the Input channel inspector, not in the Channel settings window, sadly) ?