No such file directory Error

I had to migrate to a new computer because my old one got stolen. Now I get all the time the message “No such file directory Error creating zip file …” I attached the screenshot.
Somehow Dorico want’s to make backups in that directory which changed.
I reinstalled Dorio 4 but it didn’t help. Any idea what to do?

I guess the issue is that your username on your new computer is different than it was on your old, and the path Dorico is looking for in order to auto-save your projects doesn’t exist in your new computer. If you have a decent text editor, you should be able to resolve this by opening the preferences.xml file in a text editor, looking for the <autoSavePath> node, and fixing the path on the next line to replace the old FrankG username with whatever your new username is.

If you can’t get that to work, you could always click the Reset to Factory button in the Preferences dialog, which will reset all your preferences, including the auto-save location.

Thanks a lot! Works fine now. I had to authorise Dorico again though.
Thanks a lot for the beautiful work and the great support!