No support. 11 days

I bought Cubase 11 during the sales but then realised I’d qualify for the (cheaper) crossgrade.

I applied and paid for the crossgrade but all is silent, no crossgrade licence, and I can’t seem to get any answers from support.
I just want to know if I can part refund the original unused licence and get my crossgrade licence installed.

I’m currently running the 11 Pro trial with my dongle. My support ticket is 11 days old and there’s no way to phone or get in touch for help. The phones give an automated message to look online, the sales guys at Asknet can’t help. I’m a little stuck.

I’m hoping someone can advise. Thanks

Hello NamesP,
First, thank you for your purchase! We sent the first reply right after the weekend you submitted your request but yes, another reply is still waiting to be sent as the support agent you have been in contact with had a short vacation but is back at the office today. I have made her aware and I hope that this can be solved asap.

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Thanks so much, Ed! The issue has just been responded to and case closed, but I still have no licence.
I’ll give it one more try before I give up attempting to buy the software. :man_facepalming: