no support for over 5 days!


I sendt a urgent support question for over 5 days ago.
im having issues with my dongle and licenses, so I have not been able to work for 5 days!

thanks for any help!

Hi Statherian, where did you send it? Did you also post questions here on the forum?

I sent it to registration, activation or licensing issues under my support.
did not post it on the forums, because of sensitive information and i dont think the community can help me with this.

still no answer…

Have you tried calling them on the telephone?

Another thought…

Have you tried the “Zero Downtime” support offered at this link?

Regards. :sunglasses:

Thanks, but that won’t work. because i need to transfer the license to another Sternberg account. so I can download and update cubase.

still no answer from steinberg. going on to the seventh day :frowning:

Incredible… :astonished: :astonished: they must actually be just ignoring you, 7 days is ridiculous… :unamused:

I gave someone a nudge… see if it works.

Thanks! im about to give up… sent a new request yesterday or so, still nothing :frowning:

They are off for a three-day weekend- they’ll be back on Tuesday. Also, do you know you can call them on the phone if you are in most of Europe?

The SB staff that participate here, sometimes on their own time, might respond to you anyway…

No thanks to steinberg, but i managed to fix the issue myself.
thanks everyone.

and btw, how the hell do you login on the shop, to see your purchases, activation codes and so on?
get get why Steinberg have separated this from my steinberg

I am sorry for the delay and lack of responses!
The shop is separated from MySteinberg because it is hosted by an independent company called Asknet. They have their own customer account system.
If you need to log-in there and do not remember your log-in credentials, please contact them directly.

Its not that I forgot the login cred. but i cant find the loging from my steinberg.
but that not important now, I still need steinberg to transfer my dongle to my profile. this is the 8 day without an answer…
got cubase to work and have updated my dongle locally.

I have sent an email. Purchasing and registering Cubase are completely independent processes as well.