No third party CD show

Hi friends,

When I insert any Roland S-760 CD ROM in the DVD writer of my iMac with the intention of converting it into Halion 4, the CD doesn’t appear in the File section in Browser window at all. How to use the “third party samples import” facility unless the inserted CD ROM shows up in the browser?

This is in continuation of my earlier post on “H3 fxp files not opening in H4”. I had converted the full Roland library then into Halion 3 and it worked fine. I was on Windows then. Switched to iMac later and bought Halion 4 with the reasonable hope of the backward compatibility. After I hit a wall on this issue, I decided to reconvert the whole library in Halion 4 now. But now this issue with CD ROM ‘no show’.

Is there any issue involved with using Halion data on a Mac that was originally created on Windows?

AFAIK HALion 4 does not support physical discs.

Convert it into an ISO image to browse.

I can tell you I successfully loaded different Roland S7** sampling CDs in Halion 4. Of course you need to have them in ISO format, just like other formats such as AKAI CDs. (windows user here)

Thanks pals. I just converted a few Roland S-760 CD ROMs into ‘Hal’ format through CDxtract. When I try to load these fxp files into Halion 4, it simply crashes in standalone mode and hangs if opened in Cubase as a VST.

The fxp files from the same CD ROMs converted earlier through Halion 3 (windows) appear as unsupported content (red circle with a white minus sign within) when I try to load them in Halion 4. I seem to be in a fix.

I don’t remember quite well now, but I once tried to import FXP programs (originally for LM4) with no luck, altough they should be fully supported as far as I know… maybe there are some issues with FXP files in Halion 4?

Seems the last resort is to convert them into in ISO image. I have no clue about it, don’t even know how to create ISO image file of a CD ROM. Please guide. Thanks.

I’m currently using MagicISO, it’s not free, but it is easy and does quite a good job. You just insert the CD and convert into ISO format. I’m sure there are free programs that will do the job as well.

Thanks Anotherbreed,

I just downloaded one free ISO converter and it’s working fine. Only thing is that a huge library of about 50 CD ROMs converted and then painstakingly organized category-wise in Halion 3 has been rendered useless in Halion 4. Will have to go through the whole tedious process again! Frustrating!! Not very kind of Steinberg!!! :unamused: :confused:

Glad you were able to sort this out, and yeah I know what you mean… :laughing:

BTW, could you do me a favor? I opened a thread about an import browser bug in Halion 4.5, and since you work with old sampling CDs like me, would you mind to check it out and tell me if you have the same problem doing that procedure?

Here’s the link:

You can also use the disk utility of Mac OS X
to create images.

Here’s a description: