No thru on UR44?

I’ve been using a UR22 at a keyboard station for my Kronos, going into the mic 1 / 2 inputs. When I play, it comes out of the speakers, zero latency. When I run Cubase, it still comes out the speakers, zero latency. I don’t have to point it to a track and enable monitoring, it just works.

I swapped it out with my UR44. Now, it works fine without Cubase running. When Cubase does run, the keyboard is muted. The only way I can get audio is via direct monitoring, and by clicking the monitor button on a track that it’s pointing to. This introduces latency when I play and is also less usable versus just play and hear it in real time.

Because the UR44 has the dsp app, is it just a fundamentally different set of capabilities then the UR22 and won’t do a simple hardware through when Cubase is running? Or is there something I’m missing?