No tick for deselect

This is not a big deal but I suppose it’s a bug in Dorico 4.2.0. (Mac).
When Deselect Only is chosen from the Edit>Filter menu, no tick is shown. Only Select Only has a tick when chosen. This is nor the case in the context menu.

I do get a proper ✓ before Deselect Only when it’s chosen, in both types of menu.
MacOS 10.14. Not sure what might be happening for you.

I’m on 10.15. Weird.

Yes, this works for me as expected too, I’m afraid.

As I said, it’s no biggie, but weird it certainly is. I have keyboard shortcuts for Select and Deselect, and with them, too, I see a tick (after Select) when Select is on, and no tick when Deselect is on. So I can see which one is on, anyway. The only thing I can think of is that I have a Scandinavian keyboard. This is obviously not a keyboard issue but I’ve seen Scandinavian settings create problems in software programming (for instance, using commas instead of dots in desimal numbers). But that’s probably not the cause, either.

I get this occasionally, and a restart fixes it.

This bug is still there. Dorico 4.3, mac OS 13.2. Worse, it’s not only the tick that’s missing . deselecting actually stopped working. Probably restart fixes it and it works again, but for how long?