No time signature track in Cubase Elements 10.5

I tried to change the time signature of my tracks, and there is no option to add a signature track. When I had Cubase Elements 7, I was able to change the time signature by doing so in the tool bar, and it was easy. Now, when I try it this way, it changes the time signature for the entire project. I tried everything that I could find, and to no avail. Please help me.

The Signature Track is only in Artist & Pro. See the feature comparison chart below in the Composing section.

Yeah, but I was able to change the time signature on Cubase Elements 7. So you mean to tell me, they made the new version of Cubase Elements a downgrade from the previous version, so people would be more inclined to spend more money? Money which was previously less necessary to spend?

According to this Elements 7 didn’t have a Signature Track either.

I don’t use Elements so I don’t know it handles Time Signatures which is different than Pro. Perhaps looking up “time signature” in the documentation would help.