No time stretch. Wish I bought auria!

It is now time to step up to what cubasis should be good at! Time stretch, audio slicing, great vst style integration with top effect company’s.
I will admit that I saw cubasis for sell in the App Store and didn’t hesitate and payed for the app as I have cubase and love it. Now I’m stuck with a app that I can’t use to make dance music. Wish I spent time and looked about so I would have bought auria.
We all know you can make this app like auria, so why aren’t you.
Would love to get my money back as I am not a rich person and would like to get auria so I can make dance music on my ipad. You have my email if you would like to get in contact. It is my fault for not looking into the apps as I thought cubasis would have the small things we all need to produce music.


Why You can Not make Dance Music with cubasis? Only because of Time stretch? Cubasis is Great for all Kind of Music, and with the update 1.7.2 its exremly eficient. And You will See Time stretch will came, steinberg is known for there Great Updates. I think cubasis is the BEST DAW for Ipad, and with compination with Cubase 7 its Mega Creative…

I Love You Steinberg!!!

well others might NOT think so…

Did you read the features list? Did is say time stretch anywhere? You paid for what you got and that’s a silly complaint.

If you bought Auria you’d probably be complaining at their forum right now saying “What, no MIDI??? I should have gotten Cubasis instead” (which would also be silly).

Just man up and take responsibility for your actions, you bought something without making your research, now deal with it, it’s your own fault.

Haha, to the point, and a valid point at that, though I bought cubasis yesterday BECAUSE it says in the blurb it comes with countless (70?) midi sounds…I believe my qy70 that I bought in 2003 had better sounds on it, VERY disappointed with that part! But so far am loving the rest of it :slight_smile:

what’s so silly about missing time stretch?

he/she even admitted his/her fault…
maybe you could at least try to accept other’s opinions about Cubasis,couldn’t you?

That was not my point, what is silly is complaining about the lack of a feature as a deal breaker as if it had been advertised as being included.

I accept everyone’s opinions and I have a good share of feature requests myself, but I won’t be blaming Steinberg for my own uninformed decisions, the feature list and even this forum are available to anyone who might consider buying the app, if they decide to do so in an uninformed manner, it’s their sole responsibility.

I would have no problem with a post requesting a Time Stretch feature and stating how important it is.
This post was not it.

I don’t care about the MIDI sounds at all, it’s the MIDI support that is essential to me.
I use Cubasis to sequence my analog hardware synths and gear and it works great. Automation will probably make it even better.

I couldn’t do any of this in Auria, but I’m sure many people wouldn’t care about that and prefer Auria’s tool set, the more options the better, just choose the tool that suits you best!

Cubasis will be continually getting updates. I think your best option would be to hit the ground running with your music with your iPad setup and then import your project to Cubase when you’re ready. That way you can satisfy all your time stretching needs and have more options in editing. Just my thoughts!

Our computer at work uses some software from 2003. It does exactly what we need and no need to look elsewhere