No Tremolo Playback

I am a battery arranger and I use VDL. A problem i’ve run into is Dorico not giving me any tremolo playback for a 1 slash tremolo on 16th notes. Tremolo playback works fine on any note value below a 16th note. Just wondering if I maybe missed a setting or if Dorico can’t playback tremolos that fast yet. I am fairly new to Dorico.

Welcome to the forum, nickpa. I think the behaviour you’re experiencing is due to the way the current tempo interacts with tremolo writing. I think if you go to the Timing page of Play > Playback Options and look at the Tremolos section, if you make ‘Fraction of quarter note at 120bpm’ (which defines the minimum played length for a note played by a tremolo) from the default of 1/5 to something like 1/8, you should hear your tremolos played back.

Works great now thanks! I was worried I was gonna have to go back to finale and suffer with those awful percussion maps but not anymore.