No Type Ligatures in Playing Techniques?

I think this is just a minor bug. In certain playing techniques, Dorico doesn’t properly use the font’s ligatures, and instead simply uses the regular characters next to each other.
In the “flt.” playing technique text, for example, Dorico doesn’t use Academico’s “fl” ligature, which I’m pretty sure exists, but rather puts just an “f” and an “l” next to each other.
I’ve attached a screenshot showing the issue.

Nope, that is in fact the “fl” ligature you’re seeing. The curve of the top of the “f” is much more pronounced as it leans into the “l” more than the regular “f”.

I see. I’m not a type designer, but I have to admit that ligature looks funny to me, especially the way the curved top of the “f” meets the flat top of the “l”.
Overall, I am very happy with the Academico typeface, though!