No undo option after process/correction (Elements)

Possible bug? The undo arrow remains greyed out after performing a correction with any of the options - linear, optimal or waveform replacements. I’m using Wavelab Elements 10 on Windows 10. Any help appreciated.

linear, optimal or waveform replacements

Not sure what functions you mean here, for WaveLab Elements. Please be more accurate.

Sorry - offline processing in the audio editor. Linear interpolation, Optimal for small clicks, Optimal for common clicks or any of the Waveform replacements options in the correction drop down list. They all work fine but I’m not able undo after if I don’t get a satisfactory result first time.

Indeed, this is a bug. But I can propose you a workaround: to remove the last step, just add a marker anywhere, then undo. This will undo not only the marker insertion but the last step until the last recorded action.

Also if I made a different edit (a fade or something) before or after the correction, undo would remove both so would have to redo that step too. Adding a marker as you suggests does indeed help. Many thanks.