no use for Soundcloud? then don't install (windows only)

If you are not a user of Soundcloud and have no use for the ‘upload to Soundcloud’ facility in the Audio export screen.
and would like to remove it.

You can either:

1.Go ahead with the full installer
2.after installation, go to Control Panel/‘Programmes and Features’
3.Then remove ‘UploadManager.msi’


1.Unzip the ‘Cubase_Pro_8.5_Update_Installer_win.exe’
2.Install Cubase“Steinberg\Cubase_Pro_8.5_Update_Installer_win\Cubase 8.5\Cubase for Windows\Cubase85_64bit.msi” (or 32bit version)
3. Install eveything you require from “Steinberg\Cubase_Pro_8.5_Update_Installer_win\Cubase 8.5\Cubase for Windows\Additional Content\VST Sound” Except for the ‘UploadManager.msi’

Or you could not use it and ignore it, its only 12.7 MBs.

Just my two cents.

yep, that too :slight_smile:

Except that in my case the Upload manager tries to do it’s work after every audio export. Grrr

In your export dialog at the bottom there’s a big section called “post process”, right? Set that to none instead of SoundCloud?

Thanks for that! Although in the intervening 3 years I finally found out!!! :smiley:

haha! Just like that, lightning and boom as one! :laughing:

Good thing we have time-savers like computers and the Internet - who knows how long that would have taken in the olden days?