no valid cubase element 8 license mac

Hi, everyone.

I need some help.

Few days ago, i bought Cubase element 8 upgrade , for pc / mac.
I upgradet from cubase element 7 to 8 on the pc.

Every things works as expected, my usb elicenser is showning “cubase element 8 full license”.
On my “mysteinberg” acount, i can see , that cubase is activated and registret.
I can even run cubase element 7 on my pc, even thought i have cubase element 8 license.

Yesterday i wanted to try my installed cubase element 7 on my mac mini / midt 2012).
Suddenly cubase element 7 is reporting back, no valid license!.
When i goto the elicenser control center on my mac, the control center is showing a unknown full license.
All other license is ok.
The control center on mac dosent show cubase element 8 license for some reason!??.

On my pc, the elicenser control center shows cubase element 8 license.

my mac mini spec:

mac mini : icore i5 2.3 ghz.
16gb ram
512gb hdd.
osx : lion.

Today, i just upgradet my osx lion to Yosemite.

I have`nt tried cubase element 7 yet or installed cubase element 8 on my mac!.

i`m afraid to play around with installing cubase element 8 license on my mac,
set if something goes wrong.
i really hate the usb licenser system.

Restart your Mac mini, unplug and replug your USB-eLicenser, then download and install the latest version of the eLicenser Control software.

Afterwards, your "Cubase Elements 8 " license should be recognized correctly.
Also, the “Cubase Elements 8” license does support Cubase Elements 7 as well, so feel free to upgrade your Mac mini installation anytime you want.

Hope that helps.


i will try that.

thank you for the answer.

its now, works like a charm, thank you very much.
i did use the link you gave me.
most of my software now works perfect on
yosemite osx, including cubase element 8, etc.