No Valid Licence for v5 after update

When I load a project that requires Halion 5 I get a no valid licence after upgrading to version 6. :cry:

I would try a maintenance in eLCC and restart everything. Check eLCC and see what your license says…


have you already installed HALion 6?

Hi Matthias, no its still downloading. Please tell me it will be alright once the download has finished :slight_smile:

As soon as you have installed H6, your old projects will automatically load up HALion 6 instead of HALion 5 and you will be fine.

Due to the switch from USB to the soft eLicenser, the new HALion 6 license does not cover the HALion 5 license. That’s why you are getting the license error right now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Ahh, thanks you, when I realised I was going to have to wait while it downloads all 28 gig I loaded up my current project and tried to work on it… Panic… :slight_smile: guess I should go out for a walk…


Downloading now. I’ve already used the ‘H6 from H5’ activation code for my dongle. Does this mean H5 will still run or not using the dongle?

I ask because I have Win 7 on one studio PC and Win 10 on another. As noted elsewhere, H6 is not tested for Win 7.

This seems to indicate I now can’t use Halion 5 or 6 on my Win 7 studio PC.

I too see the ‘no valid licence found’ message if I try to run H5 on my w10 PC.


Hi, sorry i not quite understood - if i have now H5 license (on hardware elicenser), and if i make upgrade to H6 and register H6 as soft elicenser - i will still can use H5 through hardware elicenser ?

Well the 6 installer appears to remove Halion 5 VST and standalone, but seeing as 6 is pretty much exactly the same as Halion 5 but added Wavetable and content, and if your old arrangements are automatically replaced by the Halion 6.dll it doesn’t really matter… does it?