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Hi to all of you! i have nuendo 7 and nek expansion installed to my mac mini,recently i upgrade to nuendo 11 which i install to a new pc,after the upgrade i cant launch nuendo 7 in my mac its asks me for a licence activation,i ender the code it recognise the product but when i hit activate licence it tells me that the code is used already.The nek expansion and nuendo 11 is on my product page but nuendo 7 not any more,how to solve it please? i was in a middle of a project and i am freak out!
thanks a lot

so while you can use Nuendo 11 it is possible to open old projects with it as well. otherwise use the dongle to start the old programm on the other machine. No activation or anything else needed… just the dongle on the right computer.

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thanks for the reply,but i ve just install nuendo 11 with its native plugins i have to install the hall banch of plug ins that i use in mac in order to do that+ the kontakt libraries to the knew drives and its a long way go…

you need no dongle for installation

the dongle is on the right computer (one dongle for nuendo 7 into mac one dongle to nuendo 11 to the pc) the problem is that nuendo 7 wont open probably because its deleted from my products page (maybe by accident or whatever) during the upgrade…

if you purchased an update, this is enabled to open older versions as well
one license for all versions
if you need two separated licenses on two dongles you have to buy a second one

i tried but doesnt work,the fact is that both versions worked till the time the nuendo 7 deleted from my product page,whatever i tried nothing happens,the elC doesnt show me the 7 version

So what? Did you updated your license? If so this is not a second license…
No matter how many dongles you buy

thanks for the time spending to respont but i dont understand, i have two registered elC’s and 3 software with their activation codes,except that the one (nuendo 7) is missing from the my products page,its no more registered,is there anyway to reregister it?

To pick up from what @st10ss is saying–
You paid for an update from Nuendo 7+NEK to Nuendo 11
The result of this is that you own 1 license: Nuendo 11. You do not own a separate Nuendo 7 license anymore.

ok fine,so how can i make nuendo 7 to work again? or i cant?
thanks for the responding.

Plug your USB key with the Nuendo 11 license on it into the computer running Nuendo 7. Also be sure to update the Elicenser Control Center to the newest one on that machine.

ok, so when i do that can i copy the licence from the new usb to the old one and have the two machine play the two versions of nuendo at the same time?

No, you cannot.

ok its clear now,thank you very much !

You’re welcome!

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