"No valid license found for Vintage Verb collection" makes Cubase crash!


So I am using Cubase Artist 10.
Some days ago, I received a notification when launching Cubase that my free trial of the Vintage Verb collection plug-in will soon end and if I wanted to continue to use it, I would need to upgrade to Cubase Pro! Ok, that’s odd, I do not remember about that.

First thing, Cubase, why did you not let me know 1 year ago when I first installed Cubase Artist 10 that the Vintage Verb collection was only a trial and that it would stop working after one year or so? When I buy something, I expect that I will always be able to use everything that comes with what I pay for. It’s like if I buy a new car and one year from now, someone tells me, ok Sir, we are going to take back one tire from your car because it was only on trial for one year. What? I did not know about that when I bought the car, why you did not tell me about that?

Second, even more annoying is when I launch a project now, I have this message popping up:
License error. No valid license found for: Vintage Verb Collection”

Third and last, the most irritating of all, if I click by mistake on the Vintage Verb plug-in in my project when selecting a reverb for a track, then Cubase will tell me that it can not locate or use it and ask to Retry or Cancel. There are no other options and it is impossible to remove the message and continue to use Cubase. Clicking on Retry does not do anything, and clicking on Cancel makes the whole Cubase application freeze and it crashes or I have to force shut down it. Yesterday, because of this, I lost 2 hours of mixing work because I had not saved the project.

Really irritating Cubase!!!


Most probably the plug-in crashes and takes Cubase with it.