No valid license found. the program will quit now


Suddenly for no reason.

I’m getting a “no valid license found. the program will quit now

I’ve updated the eLicenser control to the latest version.
I’ve Done the ”maintenance” command
Computer shut down / restart.

iMac 10.15 - Cubase 11, latest update.

The situation is urgent as I have a job to finish Monday.

Please advise



What Cubase license do you own?

If you own Cubase Pro or Artist, make sure the USB-eLicenser is plugged in. You can also try to plug it in to other USB port.

How does it look like in the eLCC application? Any message there?


Im Cubase Pro 11

USB-eLicenser is plugged in - directly into my iMac, had it in and out several times. This has happened for no reason, nothing has changed on my side at all.

eLCC application - no message


What do you mean by the


Doe it mean, it looks the same way as it was working? So you can see Cubase Pro 11 license there?


I did a clean re-install, not sure why it all stopped working as i never change anything.