No valid license

imac pro 8 core, OS 12.2.1
So out of the blue I get these messages. WL also doesnt open… Help please

You have this installed on your machine. Launch it to manage your licenses.
Steinberg Activation Manager

OK I got the file, ran the program, and it froze… BTW I just realized the pic (wallpaper) has me flipping (someone) off. It was an inside joke not meant to offend, and not meant for anyone here…:slight_smile:

I thought the desktop pic was pretty funny actually.

Obviously you own a C12 license, yes?

Unfortunately, I’m not on Mac currently, so all I can suggest is to check if any permissions might be needed in MacOS Monterey for any of the Steinberg apps, And/or kill the background process called Steinberg License Engine.

Or restart, but I presume you’ve done that.

Maybe @Martin.Jirsak or @Ben_at_Steinberg might offer some insight?

Do you have the Steinberg Download Assistant installed? If so, could you open it and let it update all the other runtime components required for Cubase, then reboot.

Let me know if that helps!

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Ive done everything I know how to do…

no valid license again, license manager won’t boot either. ???
imac pro 8, OS 12.6