No Valid licenses!

What is this?? Just got a no valid licenses!! Got 12.0.20, have had massive troubles with the .20 version. Cant quit, and stalls between projects, and now I got this!!! "No valid licenses! What’s happening! Re installed 12.0.20 and the elicenser controll center. Didn’t help! What should I do! Urgent!

The licensing application is the Steinberg Activation Manager, not the Elicenser.

And in what way will that info help me? Where is the steinberg activation manager hidden, and why haven’t I needed it before?

The exact message is “No valid license found. The program will quit now” And I DO have a license. Please I have customers waiting" I NEED this running Now!

Well uninstalled and re-installed… didn’t help!.. Got 6 of your potential ex-customers here waiting…

Tried re-entering my download access code… Didn’t help…

Please, runnin’ out of options here!

Oh well… fine… I think Steinberg should pay gas money to those guys, having to drive here tomorrow again… Feeling ashamed and as a fookin’loser, thanks very much!! :frowning:

ANd i hope this is sorted before tomorrow.

The strange thing is that I received this same message yesterday for the first time while attempting to start CBP11, not 12. I have not purchased the CBP12 update and, therefore, not tried to install it.

I unplugged my dongle, plugged it back in and then CBP11 started fine. Again, just a few minutes ago, I attempted to launch CBP11 and received the same message and CBP11 told me it was shutting down, After it shutdown I unplugged my dongle and then plugged it back in again. Then CBP11 started as normal!

This issue may not be related to installing CBP12. One of the Steinberg Mods, is there any new issues with the old licensing system going on?

PunXfolX if you unplug your dongle and then plug it back in and then try to restart CBP11 does it start for you?

If you install the Steinberg Download Assistant, it will install/update the eLicenser Control Center, the Steinberg Library Manager, and the Steinberg License Manager. The license manager is where you’ll activate your Cubase 12 license if it somehow got deactivated.
If you didn’t use the Download Assistant to install the latest versions of the bundled Cubase plugins/content, the stuff you already had on your PC will likely still be tied to the eLicenser. Running the installers under Cubase 12 in download assistant will update their licensing.

Hello! Similar problem, after upgrade from Cubase 12.0.10 to Cubase 12.0.20. My Vst Zaria license is not recognized, but it’s fine and legal. Steinberg comments on this problem; it’s my elicenser, but no, my Vst Zaria just disappeared from my elincenser and thus from Halion 6, but the manager library recognizes it as installed. And this morning, all good. He was actually playing with Zaria. But this afternoon it occurred to me to update Cubase and later, the manager of the library told me that he had to update Pandrum, Zaria and Voice of wind Adey. I just followed the steps as usual and bye Zaria, he tells me that it is illegal, that it has disappeared and that maybe I should buy again. It’s a joke, honestly. Well, the quick controls next to the controller I use, the Zero SLmk II, start to get confused and what was assigned either turns the other way or just stops working. In short, an afternoon-night, full of emotion in abundance and with the time that I can lose, because Steinberg thinks it’s okay to lose it.
Someone, apart from the one who is supposed to be Steinberg, is making the pertinent corrections, because if not, I don’t understand anything, and it shouldn’t be funny either, I put on the skin of PunXflX for example, like me. . And I am not new to this, I have been installing and updating for years and not only in windows, unfortunately I have been given blue screens and crashes in the past, in absurd ways in some versions of Cubase, with no apparent sense, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11. I thought performance issues were improved with this update, and that seems to be the case for performance, but other things have been broken.
If this continues, it will be my last purchase of Cubase, I hope they will put themselves in the users’ shoes. And as you say, PunXfolX, when customers wait, the last thing that is needed is for your software to be against you, when it should be with you helping you do your job. At least that’s what you’d expect from a Daw like Cubase, which is so wonderful, at least to me. It’s a shame.

i installed CB12 along with the single version of CB11…. haven’t as yet had a problem going back and forth about

I tried to unplug the dongle, and put in another usb input, to “re-install” it, but it didn’t work. Reinstalled v11 and it runs just fine, with no problem. V12 just get to the “Checkin licenses”, and then shut down with the message. No valid licenses found, the program will quit. v12 was running just fine, until I updated to 12.0.20. Then the prgram started to crasch frequently, usually on exit and when switching between projects. And then suddenly this. I made a ticket, s let’s see what they come up with. And I think V11 have to do tomorrow. v12 is a new license system, the dongle works for me, so it should be an option to use the old elicenser system. Since the new one seem to be broken, for me anyway.

The first thing I tried, when it failed, didn’t work,

I tried to re-install the activation manager… Which they have hidden deep in their folders and told us nothing about, to make it easy for us usuals. It didn’t work. The installation got stuck… But! The problem got fixed, i can now start and use v12 again… odd…

Well!! It’s great now, today. Sorry for the inconvenience caused, they were my complaints and nothing more important. . But this morning and after writing to Sonic Atoms, in case that was the mistake on my part, they replied to me this morning and I have just been able to manage and solve everything related to VSt Zaria, for Halion 6. I followed the steps of my distributor since the email. The error was caused by paying attention to the steinberg download wizard. In the vst sound updates it came out that it should update certain vst instruments, including Zaria.
My mistake.
Now, following in the footsteps of Sonic Atoms, he solved everything related to the Zaria Instrument.
I did the steps that told me:
remove from the library the one i reinstalled from the steinberg library.
I then went to my hard drive, where I saved my Sonic Atoms purchase, and installed Zaria.
And after several errors by Steinberg’s library assistant, who gave errors, everything was finally correct again. After opening, closing, several times the library wizard and halion6 standalone.
It has cost a little, but nothing important in time, apparently.
So thank you Sonic Atoms for your excellent support.
On the other hand, sorry for the inconvenience to all users of this Daw Cubase. It was my complaint out loud, after seeing this thread where his things were also.
Cubase 12, despite being in its new update 12.20, has some bugs for me, but I hope and wish that they will be fixed soon. At least the performance has improved, but it keeps telling me many times when I open the program, suggesting that I start with the default preferences and open Cubase as freshly installed, something that annoys me a bit, but… maybe I should Reinstall each and every one of the plugins and see what the problem is, but I don’t understand the conflict. no pirated software on my computer since for much years. Third party plugins of course, many of them steinberg contributors. .
Anyway, I hope this gets fixed soon.
Nothing more, thanks to all the people for their answers and: Musical greetings to all the people, happy rest of the week and weekend :wink:

…aaaaand it’s back!