No vca fader in IC pro

I’m using ic pro and I see no vca faders in there. So I quess update for it is needed. When we will see that?

Bye / Tumppi

I kind of dislike that this message was transfered here fron N7 forum as this is related so closely to N7.
But whatever… Can someone from SB comment on this…
Bye / Tumppi

Boy it is quiet here!
I think ic pro could be an awesome tool if developed. But it seems it is dead.
Will there be an update, someday?
Bye tumppi

Ps. I’d love to be able to control plug ins visually via ic pro. Come on Steinberg. Do it! Chicken!

Bye /tumppi again

Steinberg, Update when???

It’s dead here because they dumped the Android version!

The way things are going, I wouldn’t be surprised if Yamaha were to pull the plug on Nuendo and Nuage if sales aren’t high enough. I don’t get the impression that they are managing to combat ProTool’s dominance of the market, although I’ve never used it myself.