No vibrato or other sustained effects

Is there a way to turn off the auto-vibrato in the solo string sounds? Or, am I looking in the wrong place for the sound I’m looking for?

I want a sound with a nice articulation but with no vibrato/diminuendo/phasing/etc., kind of like a steady static bowing of a cello string. I do want rich harmonic overtones in the sound - not a pure sine wave. That’s why I’m initially looking in wind/string sounds: other kinds of artificial sounds tend to have audible inharmonic overtones or are lacking in richness.

Alternatively, is there a tutorial on how to do something like take a sample of myself playing a long note on my violin that I recorded and using that in Dorico?

You can’t adjust the level of vibrato in the HALion Symphonic Orchestra sounds: there’s just a single set of samples with the amount of vibrato that was recorded in the studio.

In theory you can play your own samples in Dorico, but you’ll need one of the bigger products in the HALion family (not the free HALion Sonic SE player included with Dorico) to create patches that can be loaded by HSSE. However, you can probably use another approach, e.g. creating an sfz soundfont and playing it through the free Sforzando player.

OK, thanks for the feedback. I was hoping I’d missed something.

I’ll check out sforzando and some of the other Steinberg products.

Hmmm - I’m finding some pretty good, rich sounds in Dorico’s ‘keyboards’ section of instruments along the lines of what I’m looking for, and the contrabass string instrument seems to just be bowed - there is a very slight bit of waviness suggesting a super-tiny vibrato, but not bad.

If you’re interested in NotePerfomer, it recognizes Dorico’s non vibrato expression, and it sounds terrific (and of course you can hide the non vib. marking if you wish).