No video Engines in N4.3!!

I was going to import a QT file into N4.3.0.371, but when I pulled it up, Nuendo showed NO VIDEO SUPPORT FOR ANY MEDIA!!! :astonished: I’m not sure how to repair this.

Should I uninstall it and reinstall it ( the disk is 4.1, so I’d have to get the 4.3 update again from the SB site) or is there some way to just load the missing video engines? I knew something was up back when I had that playback problem with the .wmv file( ) back in Dec. 2011.

Anybody here had this experience?

Have you actually installed QuickTime yet?


Yeah, I’ve got Quick Time Pro. But even if I didn’t, the window SHOULD list AVI, WMV as wll as QT and it’s only showing audio apps!

I just did a re-install. It’s working fine now. Thanks for your help.