No video in Dorico

Dear Dorico Community,
whatever I try, there is no video on my screen. I only have a black frame and I can hear the audio of the film. I also tested different video formats, MP4 or MOV, but nothing to see on the screen, only black…

Can you supply a bit more information: what version of Dorico; what OS and platform?

Can you upload or link to a sample video for others to try/inspect?

From what app is the video generated? Could it be a codec issue? Does it have a variable frame rate?

Also check that the audio sampling rate is the same for Dorico as for the video (44.1K vs. 48K).

Hi benwiggy and Derrek, thank you very much! Meanwhile I made a test on a second computer with the same video files, and all runs correctly with video and audio. So, this must be a special problem with the first computer. Dorico (5.1.20) is not the problem… Thanks again.