No Video Playback

Hi All - I just finished a project where I had to go back to Nuendo 4 to get video playback. In 5.5 I was able to import the H264 .mov, it stripped the audio tracks and created the video frames track. I could see the frames but the video player is not even blank - it takes on whatever background you put it over! I have tried the limited options that Nuendo offers in terms of video settings, none make any difference. This same video worked perfectly in N4! Any suggestions? Thanks!

You have to be sure you graphic card supports OpenGL 2.0, you have latest drivers installed and also Quicktime…

I have been trying to figure that out - I have an ATI Radeon 9600 video card, and I just installed the latest drivers. I know it is openGL but I am not sure if it is 2.0 or not. Once I installed the new driver the video box went from background color to all Black, but still no picture. Do you think my card is just too old?

You have to figure out what version of OpenGL supports your card.