No Video Playback

Hi All -

No matter what I try I can’t get video playback. I have an AMD Dual Opteron 246s PC running XP , two monitors both from one ATI Radeon 9600 card. Works fine in N4 but have never been able to get picture in N5 or N5.5. I have downloaded the latest drivers and even run the open GL test - where one monitor tested to 2.1 (I was not able to test the other monitor). I tried unplugging the “other” monitor and starting up that way but still no picture. I have set the picture to “original size” and I have tried a variety of .Mov files at different compressions I do get the frames just not the moving picture. Any thoughts – help would be greatly appreciated as I have a mix to pix looming!


Do you have Quick Time last update? Did you try to use Quick Time native H.264 codec?