No Video Player: "Please update your graphics card driver.."

Hello, I just updated to Cubase 9 Pro and can’t get any sort of video playback. In Device Setup -> Video it shows a message: “Please update your graphics card driver or switch to more effective graphics.”

I just installed the Quicktime 7.7.9, but I still get the same message.

Perhaps the upcoming 9.0.30 version will help?

Laptop specs: Dell e4300, Windows 10 64 bit.

I got a similar message in the wake of the recent Windows 10 “creators update”. Quicktime is an application, not a driver. (Driver software is specific to your graphics card/processor, translating the peculiarities of the hardware into terms the operating system can understand. Using that understanding, the OS can then provide graphics card services to apps like Quicktime.)

Go into control panel, hardware and sound, open the device manager (found in the devices and printers area).
Find display adapters in the list, and open to see a list. In my case, there’s one item called “Intel HD Graphics 4600”.
R-click on this item and select properties from the pop-up. A windows pops up. Click the Driver tab, and select “Update Driver”. With any luck, it will search the internet and install the new driver with no more work on your part. If I recall correctly, my screen went black after that, but was back 2 seconds later. I did a reboot. Maybe I was responding to instructions in a message, maybe I was being cautious. Anyway, I haven’t seen the “update your driver” message since, and I’ve had no trouble either.

Thanks for replying. I’ve made a bit of progress since trying a different driver. I can now see a “Onscreen Video” listed as the device in the Video Player preferences. I think the key was in reverting back to the manufacturer driver instead of the one that the W10 Creators update dropped in there… which was probably a generic Windows one…?

So that’s good. Only problem now is that when I open the Video Player windows C9 locks up and crashes. Ugggh

Fixed: Solution is to use the dedicated hardware driver instead of the generic Windows 10 driver that Windows seems to plunk it automatically as of the newest Windows 10 Creators update.

I’m still getting fairly poor and laggy video player performance, but hopefully this will be solved with the upcoming 9.0.30 update and the dedicated video engine that is being built for it.

When there is a major update to Win10 it is a good idea to check all the drivers afterwards.
I had nothing happen with the Creators update, but the previous update did change a USB driver to a generic.
That resulted in audio stutter, DPC was extremely high just plugging in a USB thump drive would halt any audio for several seconds.
Easy fix when you know what to look for.

Ok, 2019 and still happening. I’m using Win10 with Intel HD Graphics, and from one day to the other, Cubase tells me that it’s not able to play video and that I need to upgrade my interface to a “more efficient” one. Bullcr#p. I own other DAWs and software and Cubase is the only one with this glitch. I updated all the drivers and firmware and the bug is still there.

Last time I tried to reach support it was an oddysey and they came back to me more than a month afterwards. Seriously, my job depends on the stability of my DAW. I ended up completing the project I was working on in Reap#r (with all the mess of stems rendering that involves), which by the way never gave me a single issue. Cubase is a expensive piece of software, support is almost inexistent and it’s by far the one giving me more intermitent bugs I’ve ever used.

I’m sorry if I sound cranky, but I am quite dissapointed. I love Steinberg’s UI, but I just can’t afford to waste days of work like this. Seriously considering taking the Cock#s step.

Follow the links provided in this topic. Maybe you will find some info about your graphics device.

Regards. :sunglasses: