No Vst's Load on opening a project in Dorico

I’m using dorico 3 elements since today, and i’ve ran into some issues with the playback. the sounds do work, and i have installed halionsonic and all the added libraries that come with elements. The main issue that i have is that if i open a standard project (or any project at all) halion sonic won’t load in the VST’s instruments tab in the play menu. How do I solve this problem?
I also went over the tutorial you specifically made for troubleshooting playback issues, but the issue i’m facing isn’t shown in the video. I am able to manually reset the playback to default everytime I open a project but I want it to work how it’s supposed to work.

Somebody that could help me out?


Hi Tjeerd,
could it be that - maybe even unintentionally - you selected the Silence Template as default in the Dorico preferences?
Please open in Dorico the Preferences dialog and choose the Play tab. What is chosen as your default playback template?

To add to Ulf’s advice, it would also be worth going to Play > Playback Template, re-choosing ‘HSSE (Elements)’ from the list there, and clicking ‘Apply and Close’.

Thanks, the default template was set to nothing, that fixed it.