Hi, had Kontact vst’s (four at least e.g. LA Drama drums, Symphony etc from Kontact library and a few Komplete Kontrol) for months. Since Saturday 1st , all have disappeared so now no VST’s are showing. Does Cubase do something on Saturday’s because this seems the fateful day for them to draw down and get rid of things! Now I’m left with no vst’s at all. Any help greatly appreciated. Oh and why ask for elicencer on Saturday when I have already licensed the product, i.e. Cubase 11 Pro? Thanks Phil


Maybe a Windows update…? Is NI Kontakt blocklisted now?

Kontact library and Complete Control not even listed.
OK, we’ll come to that later. VST’s are one thing but now I have no audio tracks playing. The Cubase presets (Halion, Groove etc) play but the audio tracks from my Korg are just blanked out. Any advice?
With the VST’s above, they are not even showing in blacklist, but all are installed correctly. Again, any advice greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Double-check the Audio Connections > Inputs, please.

Hi Martin, I’ve attached screenshots (probably the simplest to explain the multitudinous difficulties I am having). As I said, this all happened after a Cubase update two Saturday’s ago. I have not altered, amended anything and lost all vst’s and now audio sound from my Korg. I’m using Focusrite Scarlett as my sound source.
Pressing Cubase 11 icon I now get the following screens:

Any advice greatly appreciated.
Thanks Phil


I’m sorry, lots of confusing screenshots here…

The screenshot 515 says, the Komplete Kontrol is missing. So I would try to reinstall it.

The screenshot 519 tries to search for a missing Audio file. Nothing to do with a plug-in. But what looks weird, the path where is Cubase searching for the file.

The screenshot 521 shows, the Audio file is missing, so there is no waveform.

The screenshot 524 looks also not really common settings. There is Ext1 input, but there is no Monitor 1 bus. I don’t know, how is Audio Connections > Outputs setup.

Hi, yes I agree, very confusing, for me too. So, the Komplete Kontrol I’ll sort that.
The missing audio file with the waveform gone is why I can’t hear it I presume. Any audio on past Cubase scores are all like this, just blank.
Attached screenshot of outputs but also I’ve attached screenshots of what is going on in Microsoft sound settings.

It’s a pity you don’t have a dedicated live help service like SCAN where I can call and you can take over my screen and see exactly what’s what. Earlier this week I called SCAN (who installed my computer) because my C drive was full. They advised heaps of Cubase projects in that folder were the reason. So I deleted many of them. Now I wonder if I deleted something important. It looks like Cubase is on both drives C and D. How easy would it be to just reintall Cubase from C and move it all to D? Is that advisable?
Anyway, thanks for trying. Any advice always welcome.


Yes, it might happen, you deleted some files.

Officially Cubase should be installed on the system C drive.

Thanks Martin. It’s not much use if you can’t help.
Really disappointing this forum.


Sorry, what kind of information would you expect, please?