No wave forms showing, no playback either

I am using Cubase LE5, Windows 8 OS, Alesis iO2 Express mixer.

I have been able to use the Alesis somewhat successfully with free recording software Audacity, but I have had no luck whatsoever with Cubase. I have an external mike plugged in to the mic LIne with switch set to mike line. When I play my guitar, there is no wave form showing up. It’s like the Cubase isn’t hearing anything or picking up any signals. What am I doing wrong.

I have my computer set to Recording: isO and Playback High Definition Speakers (the speakers connected to my computer)

On the Cubase program, when I open up a new project, it is showing ASIO Full Duplex on both output and input. How do I change the output to reflect my cmputer speakers. That is how I have been setting things up on the Audecity freeware and it’s working fine.

I am also having to turn the gain up all the way to get the Alesis to pick up my guitar through the mike.

Could someone please send me a list of simple step by step processes to start a new project in Cubase? Thanks.

Go to Devices, Device Setup, VST Audio System. Change your ASIO driver to the Alesis. If you do not see Alesis listed here I would suggest checking with them to verify if they have a dedicated ASIO driver for your device.

If they do not, my best suggestion would be to use the free driver from While we do not officially support devices that do not have a dedicated ASIO driver, this generic driver often works for users. I hope this information is helpful.

This very helpful and thanks for your prompt reply. When you say Devices, do you mean go to Device Manager? I’m pretty computer hardware savvy. I completed a PC Repair and troubleshooting course last year to get up to speed with hardware and software repair. I just found a link to the asio4all last night and downloaded it. Is that what you click on to select for output and input when you create a new project. It’s showing up on the drop down list now. I also play an electric/acoustic. If I plug my guitar into the guitar outlet on the Alesis, I wasn’t seeing any waveforms or signals being transmitted.
There is definitely a huge learning curve with Cubase and Alesis. not a lot of documentation that came with the Alesis package.

Within Cubase, go to the Devices menu, then Device Setup, then VST Audio System.

For documentation within Cubase, I would suggest going to Help, Documentation, Operating Manual.

Hey Chris: I did it! I have the hang of the Alesis now. With the headphones, I could hear playback through the Alesis. I recorded a short Pete Seger song using my keyboard on one track and my acoustic guitar on another track. Mixed them down and the file exported automatically to Windows Media Player where I can burn a copy of it. How cool! I’m excited about the possibilities now. i"m sick and tired of buying Song tracks to sing with, when a box of CD-RWs cost about $12 at Walmart and I can record my own background music. Nice skill to have especially if you like the old folk music of the 70s and 80s and sound tracks aren’t available any more. Thanks for your e-coaching. You were the first person able to explain the process so clearly. I even sat in on a mini tutorial session at Guitar Center when I bought the thing and came away not learning anything. I guess I’m a book learner, so reading written step by step instructions works better for me than someone saying do this and do that.

Glad to hear you are up and running!