no waves plugins in 64-bit mode :(

no waves in 64bit: are you upset?

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how does this affect you? showstoper? couldnt care less?

I installed the JBridge, which made Waves plugins (version 8) to run perfectly in Cubase 64.

looks good.
is it stable?
boomer its pc only :frowning:
any mac solutions out there?

Yes, it’s PC only.

How do you made that? Waves worked perfectly via JBridge, but only version 7. When I try to bridge version 8, there comes a waves-window-error which says, I have not a licence for that plugins…

Producers have been mastering hits for decades with relatively primitive recording tools.

Is it a problem no Waves on 64bit? How many of us can legally afford to have these plugins on our hard drives?? Ok so if you shelled out £7000 for the plugins by all means post your receipt jpeg here. And for those that can afford them, when was your last hit on a commercial record??

Steinberg have given us sufficient bundled tools with Cubase 6 to do seriously professional sounding work. What limits us is not waves 64 bit but our production skills and a good set of ears.

We have everything we need to make great music so we ought to spend less time photoshopping beautiful cubase 6 wallpapers and worrying about plugins we will never legally own or have the skills to maximise use of. And spend more time making music.

Compress that snare. De-ess that vocal. Use cubase 6 to do it as in the context of a mix if done well who can tell if it was waves? OR, let us hear those ‘waves produced hits.’. And I’m being serious, I want to hear them! :wink:

Back to the music…

Love n light

If that’s true, then we don’t need any new Steinberg updates/upgrades. It works quite fine as it is. Our life will go on just fine even if this C6 is the last version of Cubase. But making music is not just about making music, expecially in this time of technology gizmos popping everywhere like crazy. I know I buy stuff just for fun, not only because I can produce something out of it.

Are we forgetting, that Steinberg is not making Cubase out of love for us? They make it in order to sell it, to make money. It is their day job. Thats how they make their living. They get profit out of us buying their product. We are consumers, and they sell what we are willing to pay for.

I see this mentality here a lot, that Steinberg is doing us a favor or something, and we need to be quietly happy with what we get. And if they occasionally grant us with their presence in forum, we are thrilled, even honoured. :laughing: It is an nice, humble mentality. I’m sure Steinberg gets warm feeling for having such loyal and easy to please customers.

Reality is different, though. Customers are not loyal at all. We buy what we can afford, and we use it to make our own profit. If we find something better, we move on and don’t look back. Make it personal, and it gets messy.

I’m as thankfull to Steinberg for C6, as they are thankful to me for paying them for their product. So, how thankfull is Steinberg team for my last purchase of C6 upgrade? Really! Them to me? I guess it is somewhere close to nothing. It is a business reality, nothing bad in that. I want, you sell, I buy. No need to make fairytale out of it.

I want better software, and I will buy it. I will buy it each time it gets better. :mrgreen: So, keep making it better, and we will pay something to have fun with it.

I think the point is the guy paid for Waves 8 plugs… and therefore should be able to get them to work, no?


yes,it’s legal Waves 8 plugs (upgrade of NPP bundle bought at 2001…) but the point is that before I installed JBridge, it also got a waves-window-error on the Cubase 64 and didn’t show up.

WTF? That is pretty damn presumptuous, Al.

Sorry if you took that the wrong way Tom. I wasn’t meaning to ruffle any feathers here. Just the waves plugs are incredibly pricey…

The only plugin from waves I ever liked was MaxxBas or RBass, however using it only made mixing properly more difficult, I do not swear by waves plugs, find them to expensive and yeah it costs so much and still no 64 bit support.
:imp: :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp:

I find there are many alternatives!


No offense taken, Al. It was the asking for a jpeg receipt that to me seemed a little over the top. :sunglasses:

Not sure what you are comparing them to other than the included Cubase plugins. The Waves are on par with many other plugin writers of that caliper. Some of Waves’ plugs are even less expensive than other companies I use. Waves’ upgrade pricing used to be over the top though… may still be…

But hey, I was in a Q&A session with Kevin Killen and he was showing some techniques he used on Paula Cole’s album. His plugin chains revealed many Waves and Sonnox plugs. He commented too how much he liked the Sonnox plugs, in particular the EQ. I look up to Kevin, so I guess i am biased to think what he uses is kinda paramount! lol :laughing:

No offence to Steiny, but the waves plugins are a lot better than the stock Cubase stuff, as are the UAD ones. Niether are exspensive if you do this for a living, and certainly cheap compared to upper end hardware comps and eq’s although not quite as good for some things…I think $400 for a saw is a lot, but then I don’t use them to make my living.
The problem with 64 bit is at the Waves end, not Steinberg. They keep saying 64 bit waves will be out some time this year…some time…