No way of glueing a sliced loop?

I can’t find a way to glue a loop sliced with hit points detection or to re-enable musical mode for it. Moving a slice from the part to the project window and expanding it to the full length while deleting rest of the slices doesn’t solve the issue either, nor does removing it from the project window and reimporting it from the pool.
I am using Cubase Artist 8.5 with the latest update.

Is it a bug or a lacking feature? Or am I missing something?

Not sure I’m understanding the exact problem, but, off the top of my head:-

  • Range Select and -> Bounce selection (make a copy first.!)
  • Select what you need and Convert to Part (this should keep the relative timing between slices intact). Make sure to extend the first Event of your selection, snapping it to a beat division (1/16, 1/8, 1/4 or bar etc); will make the resultant Part easier to move around later :slight_smile:

Apologies if I’ve completely missed your drift…!


Thanks. I’ll try to explain the steps to reproduce more clearly:

  1. Use musical mode for a sample.
  2. In the sample editor choose Create Slices in Hitpoins section.
  3. A warning is displayed saying that “Audio in musical mode cannot be sliced. Do you want to disable musical mode?”
  4. Click “OK”.
  5. A part with sliced loop is created.
  6. There is no glue tool in part editor.
  7. A loop slice can’t be set to musical mode, though it’s just an audio, so the limitation isn’t justified.

Your solution DOES work though I find it somewhat dirty, but thanks anyway.

I prefer being able to mangle my audio back and fourth without thinking too much about this stuff.

Is being a sliced loop some kind of metadata property? That would explain why an audio is marked as sliced in the pool.

Dissolve part and then glue