No way to stream clean Input 3/4 to Skype/Zoom/Google Meet. Am I right?

Hello Everybody!

I’m using Skype/Zoom/Google Meet talk to my friends and I would like to let them listen my Yamaha piano connected to Input 3/4 of UR44-C.
I can’t find any way to do it until I enable Loopback function because only Input 1/2 are routed to Skype.
I would like to not enable Loopback because with enabled Loopback my friends starting to listen them self with sound feedback. :frowning:

Only solution I found: use some another sound interface with my computer and connect Line Output of UR44-C to this interface input.
Am I right?


maybve this is of some help:

For a Windows PC (sorry, I’m not really familiar with mac) it would be nice if the input sent to the Windows PC audio(non-ASIO) was selectable. On the URxxxC it just sends channel 1 and 2 and this cannot be changed. My old RME Fireface 800 allowed you select any input as a Windows input source and that is 15 years old. I guess it is a fuction of the Yamaha USB driver, I hope we see a bit more flexibility at some time.

I know what you mean, youi cannot selct the inputs in Windows, my other N12 Interface does haves this option(also Yamaha/Steinberg driver but FW).
But…the problem here is not the interface but SKYPE obviously, see the video. And there is a solution for Wndows I read in the comments.
Another idea maybe is not to buy a secnd interface but a simple, cheap Behringer mixer or so.
Connect your mic and keyboard or whatever to that mixer and connect its ouputs to the URC 1/2.

Same problem here. Only 1 mic input supported in MS Teams and 2 mic inputs in Zoom. Anyone has a solution for Windows 10? Thanks.

It’s the dspMixFx; it has no routing possibilities, unless you are on cubase where you can adjust your sends to the stereo out. I have the UR44C while I like the 0 latency for the headphones and the portability, I wish I had more control over the mixes and the back end. I just switched form a 10 year old sound card, an EMU 1616, where you could send what ever you wanted to wherever you needed, and choose which asio chanel the daw would run on.