No Windows 7 64 Virtual MIDI Cable programs with ChucK?

I’ve been routing MIDI data from Cubase4 (4.0.2 Build 2213) to ChucK (a music-specific programming language) and then back to Cubase4 for years with Windows XP 32bit and Maple (a Virtual MIDI Port creation program), but I can’t get this to work with Windows 7 64bit. My soundcard is Echo’s Gina3G.

Maple won’t install for Windows 7 64bit, so I tried several alternative Virtual MIDI Port creation programs and they all failed in similar ways.

Using the following MIDI routing: Gina3GIn->Cubase4->VirtualPort0->ChucK->VirtualPort1->Cubase4

…if I open Cubase4 and then ChucK, Cubase4 fails to send any midi information to ChucK.

However, using the same mapping with MidiOx successfully sends midi information to ChucK.

The only way I’ve found to get Cubase4 to send midi information to ChucK also involves causing Cubase4 to fail to emit any sound – not just no MIDI sound, but no sound at all.

The process to get MIDI data successfully makes it to ChucK while entirely silencing Cubase4 is to:

  • open MidiOx with the above mapping
  • open ChucK (MidiOx successfully sends MIDI data to ChucK)
  • close MidiOx
  • open Cubase4

What appears to happen is that the piano patch MIdiOx uses is still loaded and plays in response to the MIDI information Cubase4 sends it, but this denies Cubase4’s ability to output any sound to Gina3G.

The above behavior occurs with:

  • MidiYoke //a 32bit Windows XP app
  • ipMIDI //claims to work with all Windows OSs from 2000 and above
  • loopMIDI //claims to work with all Windows OSs from XP and above
  • loopBe1 //claims to work with all Windows OSs from 2000 and above; haven’t yet tried loopBe30 but I’d expect the same results

I couldn’t get the following programs to create a Virtual Port that could send informaton to ChucK under any circumstances, though I didn’t experiment with these programs for very long:

  • CopperLan //Windows 7 64bit
  • CopperLan //Windows 7 32bit → this causes MidiOx to fail-on-launch to open Gina3G input port
  • CopperLan //Windows XP 32bit
  • rtpMIDI //claims to work with all Windows OSs from XP and above

    Should I go back to Maple and Windows 7 32bit (or Windows XP 32bit)? Are there other options I’m not aware of?

    Thanks very much,