No Zone in MixConsole

I wonder why Zone doesn’t show in my MixConsole of my Cubase Elements 9.5. Any cue or am I missing something…

Hi and welcome,

If I’m right, Zones are in Cubase Artist and Pro only.

What does the manual say…?

Here is a screen capture of the page in the french manual for Cubase Element/AI/LE 9.5 explaining the differents parts of the MixConsole.

There are no zones in Elements. There is an error with links on the website regarding the Elements manual linking to Pro and Arist features…this is not the first one that has caused confusion.

This is so lame. I wonder if there are other «Elements» that I don’t have in my Cubase «Elements».

There a several errors in the manual in this regard. For those who bought Elements after reading the manual, I’d suggest opening a ticket about in your account, and see what they say.

A human being made a mistake somewhere, shouldn’t happen but does.

There definitely are but this is a user to user forum and unless licensed users of Elements also report it to Steinberg via a support ticket, as Steve suggests, it is unlikely it will get sorted out.