No Zone view for factory programs?


  1. I load the program e.g. “Fifth Teen” into HALion 5, which is a HALion Sonic SE2 preset originally.

  2. When I click its constituting Layers in the Program Tree, nothing appears in the Edit > Zone area.
    All I can see this is a Synth layer, but this is all, no Pitch, Filter, Osc, etc. settings.

I found several similar sounds that behaves like this. Are these factory sounds protected against view or what am I missing?



Yes, unfortunately some of the HALion Sonic SE presets are locked due to copyright protection.

sort of same issue that should be of no concern to any copyright…:

Halion Sonic SE
Pro Set
Dance Kicks
goto H5 Mapping Editor

nothing is laid out.

-> here I want to remove some sounds and just have one type of kick spread over an octave. seems i cannot do that quickly and visually as i cannot see the play zones that are mapped over the keyboard section ? - I can click on the individual keys and painstakingly expand the play region range by note values- but i should see it visually and adjust the play zones by sliding the area left or right. -> this surely has nothing to do with any copyright…
Can you please advise?


Unfortunately it’s the same thing. Some of the HALion Sonic SE presets just like “Dance Kicks” are locked and cannot be edited.

Hi Matthias=)

Thank you for your reply=)

Is there anyway that we could unlock that part? - as it has nothing to do with any copyright?

see, I would like to use 1 kick, and change the pitch of the kick using the keyboard range…

the way it is now is that I would have to record the kick and reinsert it into halion so that i can make use of the playzones - which , for those patches would mean that halion is more of a windows media player or vlc instead of a sampler…:stuck_out_tongue:
just a thought…:stuck_out_tongue:

This copyright seams kind of foolish… Its not like we can use it in any other sampler,
its pointless, to what HALion 5 is all about

copywrite law when it comes to software and stuff like this don’t make any sense. Don’t hurt your head trying to have it make sense. Just accept the fact that they exist and move on. Also, regardless of copywrite issues, there are content protection questions. Again, it doesn’t make sense in certain scenarios, but not everyone will use the same unlocked content in a non-infringing way. Not to defend the process, because I am also a bit put out that I can’t edit stuff like that, but there is no question that all of that stuff would be on ebay as someone elses work tomorrow if it wide open.

I find it bizarre that Steinberg provided content can’t be edited in a Steinberg sampler, especially one as advanced as Halion 5. shrug

Agree !


It is ok we can not export things, but not even open / copy / paste them into our own Programs ???

The thing is, I understand we can’t edit it… but we can’t SEE it?

Serious business. Sound patches. Top Secret stuff here guys tread carefully with you and your families lives with this stuff.