Noblesse Oblige / Nobility obligues / Nobleza obliga

Dear all,

Last week I posted a topic with the subject “Frustrated and Dissapointed”. Quite a long story, but in short, I was feeling a little abandoned by Steinberg and their local representatives here in Buenos Aires.

Melanie Becker, from Steinberg, take my complaint very seriously and very profeesionally, and in less that 24 hs she contacted me and made all the local available resources to work on my problem and, obviously, fixed.

I have now upgraded to C6 full on my main computer, I have installed Element 6 in my Mac, and everything looks nicely after both instalations.

As I used the forum to make my point (and thanks to all of you that tried to help me), I believe is fair to write down here that Steinberg, and Melanie specifically, had made what every user should expect: they took care of a customer, understood his/her problem, offered alternatives and fixed it, at the best possible cost.

So, “nobleza obliga”, then, thanks Melanie for your incredible support, thanks to the local people in Buenos Aires that phone me personally and thank you all to be there.

Best regards

Martin Di Lorenzo, Buenos Aires

Good to see you fixed. If only more posters, like you, took the professional approach and contacted Steinberg support instead of moaning here forever pretending to be losing “customers” and “deadlines” maybe more posters with genuine forum-fixable problems would post here and get the quick fixes everyone needs from time to time.
You are an object lesson in how to run your business properly.

I don’t mind the odd frustrated moan but some have been doing it for months. Years maybe. They never seem to get fixed.
You did. You win. Good on you.

Aloha and