Noise and low quality with flute and piccolo in octave 4

Very thanks of this app
I have a little problem with sound of flute and picollo in 4 and 5 and 6 octaves with very low and noisy quality. Please help me with problem
Very thanks of you

I noticed a crackle when I tried using the piccolo. It seemed to make the noise on the first note but then the noise disappeared from subsequent notes, even though they were copies of the original note, so same length. velocirty etc…

I ended up using a flute sound from iM1, so i never pursued a reason for the noise.

Dear Pejman,

could you please provide us with more information about your setup (iPad, iOS, App, interface etc.)?


Hello Ricardo
I use currently :
IPad air 2
Ios 9
Cubasis v 1.9.6
Interface:steinberg ur 242 sundcard. And I have this problem too without sundcard
With headphon and iPad speakers and monitor speakers


we can confirm this behavior and have it on our list for a future fix.

Thank you!

Very very thanks of you