Noise Cleanup and ASMR recording optimization

I’m looking for something that will let me clean up some (bad) static in what’s supposed to be a vocal ASMR recording - or at least as close as we can get to it. I turned up the gain as high as it can go without peaking too much, and backed off reasonably from the mic, but this backfired spectacularly, and now I have about 30 minutes with a pervasive static hiss feedback combined with the sound of my computer fans right next to us.

I’d like to avoid dropping the $50 for Izotope RX11 Elements only to find it unable to clean up to a desirable level (using Voice DeNoise), but if that genuinely is the best option, I wonder if instead there’s a trial version I could use once, and then work on a more optimal recording setup.

For anyone who has experience using this equipment for ASMR recordings, please lend me your thoughts. I have seen this video on the subject - (Youtube link - watch?v=dKlizt64hCo ) - but it’s sort of surface level when it comes to specifics - mainly how to avoid recordings coming out sounding as I described.

Just a bunch of common sense things really.
Use the right equipment for the job. Recording very quiet things, like whispers, requires a sensitive condenser microphone paired with a low noise pre-amp.
The environment should be free from ambient noise such as car traffic or computer fans.
Get the microphone as close to the subject as possible. If needed, experiment with microphone angles, pop filter or wind screens if needed.

It took me less than a minute to find out the iZotope offer trial versions of all their plugins.

Do you have Spectralayers One with Cubase? You can try to use ‘vocal de-mix’ (I forgot the real name).
RX at least the Standard version is good at removing the noise but requires a bit or plenty of tweaking. Don’t waste your money on Elements. I found it completely useless or at least RX9 or 10 were completely useless and it was giving me horrible results.

I found it as well right after posting.
And I was mainly looking for how best to set the gain for my mics. I have two PROAR S-678 XLR condenser mics, but one thing I’m definitely lacking is the preamp, so that’s probably a big issue there.

I installed the trial version of iZotope RX11, and see the plugin I want, but when I go to it it just gives me this.

There’s nothing to configure.

I don’t think my included software bundle came with Spectralayers, unfortunately. Since it seems like I’ll be doing a lot of background noise removal, though, it sounds like RX11 would be indispensable. Just so long as I make sure to pre-record just a large section of nothing for which to use as a source for the voice denoise.

I also read somewhere that making multiple smaller passes of filters like that genuinely nets smoother results rather than one large pass.

Add the plugin as insert on your audio track.

I don’t see any way to do that from here. It’s presenting no option to insert it or really do anything with it for that matter.

On that note, I also got the demo of SpectraLayers, and it seems as though a side-effect of applying the Voice Denoise on the same clip, the balance is shifting at random moments and amounts from left to right. I’m wondering if it’s even possible to salvage all of this audio.

That is not where you add insert effects.
Perhaps this chapter in the manual will help.