Noise from Dell Laptop Power Supply

I am using a Dell Precision 5520 Laptop that is in my home studio. When the computer is on and connected to its power supply all of my guitar amplifiers pick up some sort of interference that sounds like random pops and buzzes.The amplifiers are all in the same room as the laptop and are all on the same electrical circuit. It is pretty quiet (you can’t hear it when you are playing) but it is on all my amps (tube and solid state). The powered monitor speakers connected to a UR44 does not pick up the noise. I am pretty sure its the computer power supply because when you unplug it (running computer on battery only) or when the computer is turned off the noise does not occur. Any ideas on how to cure this problem? The power supply is usually plugged into a power surge bar. I tried it on a battery-operated UPS and that didn’t help.

Thanks for any help you can offer!

It’s quite obvious isn’t it? Your laptop’s power adapter is generating issues on your net. Try to connect it to socket that’s not in the same group or call Dell to replace it or ask for additional help? This issue is really out of scope for this forrum!

Ground loop problems can be mystical.

An article on the topic:

If you’re using balanced lines from the UR44 to the powered speakers that would account for the speakers being quiet, as the noise has been ‘nulled out’.

One view is that the laptop is revealing the problem, not causing it.

I have the issue with my Dell laptop, does anyone resolved this?

I still have the issue. Talked to an engineer at Furman and tried one of their power conditioners to no avail. Ended up moving Cubase to a different computer. My wife uses the Dell laptop and I have to shut it down when I am recording, even if it is a different room in the house.