Noise Gate... a little love

With all the Steiny bashing over the past few weeks around bug fixes etc i thought i’d show a little love too for one of the, probably, much overlooked bits of cubase… the venerable old gate! It’s been around nearly as long as Cubase and although it’s not a shiny new synth or stutter edit mangler with knobs on it’s essential for some people and it just WORKS!

I’m fortunate enough to have many plugins and bits of hardware by loads of different manufacturers but continually find myself using the stock Cubase gate for live drums, or rather live drums with a fair bit of spill. Just spent half an hour with various gates including UAD & SSL and not one of them can do as good a job as the stock gate under the circumstances… It’s the ability to frequency centre the gate trigger in one simple plugin… genius!!!
Highly intuitive and very quick to work with… i just love the thing!

Now if EVERYTHING in Cubase worked this well we would all be seriously, deliriously happy Cubasers!

Just thought i’d put that out there… :mrgreen:

Yes, I prefer Cubase Gate over the UAD and Waves too… :wink:

+1 I have many gate options and I mainly use cubase’s except in certain circumstances I prefer alloy2s gate which sounds smoother for processing like using a drum track to gate pads musically.

absolutely yes!

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    And it´s a great and fast solution to use the onstock gate and other tools like tape saturation (Magneto II!) in the > Channel Strip!
    Very nice to have. Easy copy/paste/drag/drop…
    Luv it.
    Thanks Steinberg!