noise gate under channel settings vs inserts

I have been playing around and learning the function of noise gate/expanders in cubase 8 elements. I found the noise gate function to implement under channel settings. I had a microphone recording a lead guitar track with the AMP turned way up so that there was a lot of floor noise. I turned the threshold up until the floor noise disappeared. ok. pretty cool. But then under effects on the left I was able to open another noise gate (I will call it a plug in), and it appears to have almost all of the same knobs, but not exactly. I thought maybe this is just another way to adjust all the same parameters with just a slightly different look. However, I had both noise gate windows open and as I adjusted the threshold on one but the other stayed the same. They are both noise gates but I really think they are for two slightly different applications. The buttons on one are not exactly like the other. Are they affecting the signal at different parts of the chain? If someone can understand my question and is familiar with what I am describing, please explain. Thank you.


These are two independend Noise Gates in the different position of signal Chain. In the plug-in slots, you can define, if the gate is before another plug-in or after. All Channel Strip plug-ins are after the Inserts plug-ins.

So if you now, you will use any plug-in (for example Low-Cut, or Gain) as the very 1st plug-in, and you want to save an Insert plug-in slot for another plug-in, use the Pre plug-in. If you know, you will use the Gate (or another plug-in) as the latest plug-in (or in the order of Strip plug-ins, ie. definitely after your Inserts plug-ins), and you want to save the Insert slot for another plug-in, you can use the Gate of the Strip.

Is it clear?