Noise in Amp Rack

Is there anyway to disable the noise that gets constantly played with the Amp Rack with hi gain sounds? I can try to get rid of it with Gate, but I can’t seem to get rid of it from the tails of my notes, or quieter passages. With live analog gear I’m able to more effectively remove noise so far, at least there I can turn my neck a particular way or turn of lights or something to reduce background noise. With Amp Rack it’s just always on, a blend of high B and C played dissonantly together. I’d love to be able to flick a switch and turn that component off. Maybe I missed it?

And yes I can turn the gain down and it lessens, but I’d like to be able to crank it as well.

Hi cRookie_Monster,

a few things that you can try:

  1. instead of using full gain try a value of 9.5 or 9. Or even 8 and use a compressor as a pre-effect to
    help you with the sustain.

  2. try to move away as far as you can from your computer and your monitors. Does the noise disappear when you
    turn your monitors off ?

  3. adjust the gate as pre effect to your needs, if you haven’t done this already.

  4. try additional gate as post-effect

  5. Do you have a Fuzz or Overdrive inserted as pre ? See, if noise disappears when you turn them off.


Never used the amp rack myself, but usually any noise from amp sims with very high gain settings is coming from the guitar, lead, FX boxes, preamp… any one or combination of…

Single coil pickups are by far the worst for noise, picking up any stray electrical noise floating about, CRTs, dimmers etc

Does the plugin make the noise with nothing connected? ie. no input channel assigned