Noise in Nuendo Live (sync issue?)


We were recommended to check out Nuendo live and while it looks promising, we can’t get it to record without noises. When we record the same inputs in Logic and Reaper, everything works fine. It’s a sparkling noise similar to those when you are experiencing sync problems. But since it works in the other programs and there isn’t much to configure in Nuendo Live, I’m sort of lost here. I have a sound file with the problem audible but I wasn’t allowed to attach that here (which might be strange as this is a forum about sound related stuff…). The setup panel for our REM cards also show that the sync is correct.

Our setup:
Mac Pro 2.8 GHz Quad-Core
OS X 10.9.2 (just updated but we had the problems in 10.8.* too)
3x RME HDSPe MADI (Latest driver 3.07 and latest firmware Rev. 30)

Can someone also explain the support situation for Nuendo Live. I was looking for information on but the site told me that support fro the Nuendo family is done by Yamaha. But in the list of stuff Yamaha is supporting, Nuendo Live is not listed.



Did you find a resolve for this issue?

I have had the same exact issue in the last couple of days.

It is really random as I would record for a couple of days with Word Clock sync and it would be fine and then the like sizzling noise across all channels.

Syncing from the MADI solved it for a another couple of days.

Resulted in recording in Reaper and no issues since.



thank you for the info and I’m sorry to hear that you encounter problems. We will check this problem.