Noise on Stereo Out / Master

Hey guys,

I have a really weird issue. I am running a very first project in C12. 8 Channels with various plugins. No noise indication in the individual channels. All clean and great. Sending it to the Stereo Out /Master with a couple of Plugins and on the Output I have a hum at around 100Hz and starting from 500Hz to 17k there is a rising level of noise. The higher the frequency, the higher the level. It starts at around -100dBfs and the peak is at about -80dBfs. The Hum is at -98dBfs. I know this is really low in volume, but still it can be heard.

Now to the good stuff:

  1. When disabling or removing all plugins —> no change
  2. When Soloing the Master Channel —> no change
  3. When Soloing ANY channel —> Noise and hum is gone
  4. When Soloing ALL Channels except the Master —> Noise and hum is gone
  5. When Soloing ALL Channels AND then the Master too —> Noise and hum is gone!!!

So number 5 has the exact same signal flow as if there is no solo or mute active in the project.
I have a no clue what is going on here and there is no external input coming in from an instrument or mic which will likely to be noisier than just having static noise when the project isn’t in playback. Am I missing something here?

Check your input buss?

Input buses are all muted additionally to the input monitoring being turned off. So nothing besides the recorded audio gets to the output.

Perhaps you really aren’t soloing ALL the Channels. maybe a Hidden Track somewhere?

Instead of using Solo to isolate the noise source try Mute instead.

Nope there are no hidden tracks. And mute does the same. Even deactivating all tracks but the stereo bus is giving me noise.

I’ve just gotten that too. Exactly the same issue. Only on one project though. Others don’t have it. Very odd.

Have the same problem. I think its then you have out on main out channel 1-2 and have the Control room on to channel 3-4 And vise versa on the hardware and busses it maby take of 30-40% of the headroom. Cant use the control room to low headroom if i have main out ”on” hardware. Dont know why, maby windows update that did that problem. Or a focusrite update. But i maby missunderstod the question.