Noise problem

I have just bought Cubasis for my IPAD 3 today, plugged in my guitar and inserted a distortion effect or the amp modeller.

BUT : Lots of quantisation noise there !!
Very disappointing !

I’m not having such noise with garage band and the build in amp modellers.
I’m using the Line6 Mobile In adapter for audio in.

Where’s the problem ? Is Cubasis only 16 bit ?
I can’t find any hints in the manual or product site about the internal resolution.

If its only 16 bit I will cancel my order and give it back.


I don’t know if it’s the same issue but I’ve noticed noise too , especially with my mutli-effect. I’m using an alesis io dock. The noise disapears if I close the power of the alesis dock, leaving cubasis, letting the multi effect (or your guitar cable) cable on and repower the dock and reopen cubasis. Maybe you should try that , or try the opposite (closing the multieffect and letting cubasis open at the same time).

For the 16-bit, i’ve made my first mixdown, transform it to aac, and i found the sound’s very good, close to my old tascam cp-24, which is 24 bit.

Good luck!

Thanks for your post, but that doesnt help.
I already unplugged the mobileIn and replugged it. The noise is there if audio is armed in the channel, so you can hear live audio.
It seems the internal resolution is poor.

Anybody here who knows what it is ?

I normaly use my line6 Mobile in plugged in to my iPhone then audio out to my iPad and cubasis. Today i tried plugging directly into cubasis and i get noise with or with amp sim. It’s the same noise introduced only after playing for a few seconds. Stop playing, the noise doesn’t appear. The input level is between half and 3/4 of the way up so I know it’s not too hot a signal.

I’ve uploaded a sound sample here.

Is this the noise you are getting?

Edit: after restarting the app and fiddling with the Mobile in adapter, I wasn’t able to repeat the problem so it might be something to do with the mobile in. The noise I’m getting is almost like a frequency cycle. But as I said, it’s not there any more. Perhaps you could upload a sound sample. As I am a user of the mobile in device, I will stay tuned to this thread.

Here’s a second sound recording without any extra noise. Vintage amp sim, gain and treble set at 5.

You might try making sure the Mobile In device is properly seated in the iPad jack and also try both guitar in jack and stereo in jack on the Mobile In deviceto see if it makes a different

No, thats not the noise. Your noise I know , it has something to do with the mobileIn to Ipad connection regarding synchronity . Its usually there when the ipad is a bit busy with WLAN or something else.

My noise comes from the internal resolution.
If someone from Steinberg would please have a look , and tell me if the noise is reproducable.
Also the Channelfader is placed pre to the insert effects, - it should be post to the effects.

Where can I change the input level of the audio-in device ?


thanks for the report. I have forwarded the report and we will try to reproduce the issues that you are experiencing.

Kind regards,

Here are two spectras :

  1. Cubasis
  2. Auria

Both apps were feed by an input signal 100Hz, ( -50db) , and both have a compr/limiter set to amplify
maximum to reach an output signal of 0db.
( both compr./Limiter were set to attack / release time to 100ms )

You see the noise (SNR) and distortion/THD) on both apps.
The Cubasis is unacceptable bad. SNR=37db and THD = 1,8 %

AURIA ( and also I tested DAW-Multitrack) has good noise figures.
SNR=62db and THD = 0,08 %

The THD and noise is the same at 1khz. ( the spectrum is just better to see with 100hz )

No surprise there. There are so many things wrong with Cubasis it should have never hit the App store in this condition at that ridiculous price point. I think a partial refund is in order for us early adaptors. Steinberg has to overhaul/rewrite the entire app to save this trainwreck.
I really hope they do because the idea is good but the execution is really amateurish.

Hi All,

Definitely quantisation noise is a known Issue in this version, and we are work on this Issue.