Noise Reduction

Does Cubase have a noise reduction filter to minimize background noise? I saw some filters in the inserts (dual filter, morph filter etc), but I’m not sure what they do. I’m trying to clean up tracks before mixing and mastering. If not, does anyone know of a plug in? Thanks

No, not a specialized filter there are of course Gate.
Wavelab Elements has the Sonnox De-Noiser plugin, that can also be used in Cubase if you point it to the path of the plugin.
If money is no concern then iZotope RX is almost magical.

Thanks Peakae


Didn’t realise this could be done, found the folder so will give this a go later as i have a hissy track i need to clean up a bit.

Ok tried that and it didn’t work for me so i copied the contents of C:\Program Files\Steinberg\WaveLab Elements 8\System\plugins to C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 8\VST3 ran cubase, tried them in a project and all seems well so far… have a session later today so will see how stable it is…

Waves is also good >


Sony >

but I prefer Izotope >

A very good noise reduction for a reasonable price is acon.
In fact I prefer it to Izotope.

I don’t like the Wavelab bundled at all…

I’ll second that. Acon restoration suite is very affordable at around 99 dollars or less. Good video of it in use here:

I use the desser for noise reduction… it lets me choose the frequency and smash it… prob diff than what you need, but thought it may help.

I think that video doesn’t show the potential of the denoiser at all, as the results with a freezed noise profile are are a lot better than the first example in this video.

I’m going to look at some of these. Thanks

Those Acon plugs look really intersting… GOOD price too!
The Sonnox plugs included in WLE8 are getting on a bit definitely and are kind of limited, not to say they’re no good, just seems to be better available for a decent price these days… gonna demo the Acorn ones now i think…

Ok so ii’ve just had an hour or so A/Bing them against the Sonnox ones… Sonnox wins by quite a margin in this case, some line hiss on an acoustic guitar… think i’ll save my money for black friday…

I downloaded the Acon and Waves demos. I like them both, but I think Acon is the one for me. I’l try it for a few days. Thanks for your opinions.

If you decide you don’t like the Acon bundle be careful when you uninstall… it made a right mess of my waves install and locked cubase up on the next couple of restarts… not impressed :frowning:

Late reply, but why did you uninstall Acon Noise bundle?

I like Wave arts MR noise:

Or you can buy the whole bundle:

Works very well on Cubase

Can’t remember specifics as it was some time ago now but i do remember it either hanging or crashing cubase… picked up the izotope RX plugins a while later for a silly price which are working beautifully.

UPDATE: I tried WaveArts Master Restoration and Wavelab Elements Sonnox DeBuzzer.

While the WaveArts made a bit of noticeable change just activating it (‘default’ setting) I then tried it’s detection on an isolated bit of the noise issue. In that section it totally wiped out the noise amazingly but…it did cause noticable roboting of the main dialog.

With the Sonnox DeBuzzer plugin I dug into without really knowing how to use it (and not reading the manual) but while it took a bit more messing around it did pull out the noise and left the dialog mostly unaffected (had a bit of enhanced sibilance it seems) but over all really quite impressive.

Since there is no current ‘silly prices’ for RX I am going to wait for trial of the new Acoustica (7) which is due to come out in next month or so. Not going to bother with their current trials but for now seems Wavelab is very capable.