Noise Reduction

Hi, I’m trying to test the noise reduction function with the demo version watching some youtube tutorials. The thing is I don’t see ‘noise reduction’ on the process tab. I’m wondering if the demo version doesn’t include that feature, or could you let me know how to use the function?

What is that? Is that SL One?

I downloaded SLP Pro8 and as you said yes it says SL One. Hmm… why is that?

Beats me.

Hmm then I should assume that the demo version offers the SL one features only. Thank you anyway!

The demo should be full version I’m pretty sure, but I could be wrong.

Are you using standalone or ARA2?

If it’s ARA2, that last version you installed will be what gets registered as the ARA2 version.

Ie, if you install Spectralayers, and then install new a version of Cubase (or possible an update) which include SL One, then because SL one was the last install, it will be it that get called by ARA2.

Simply re-install the full version of SL again, and now it will be called by ARA2.

@knari7 What happens is that you didn’t enter your SpectraLayers Pro demo key in the eLicenser Control Center. Therefore you only have SpectraLayers One, the free version associated to your Cubase license.

Silly me… You are right there. It is working so well now. Thank you Robin!

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